At the heart of the village, where the road to the sea meets the Avenue of the Marquis of Tamarit, stands an old country house dating from 1724 and from where, since the summer of 1963, we have been serving our unique roast chicken made according to the secret recipe of our great grandmother, Fina, accompanied by a wide range of delicious dishes, dishes that take pride of place at your table wherever that may be; in our courtyard, at the campsite or in your homes.

In our open air restaurant, built of tile and stone in the tradition of all Catalan country houses where dining al fresco in good company is a way of life, you will find our two community tables where good times and good food can be shared with family and friends alike, old and new. Typical of our region and its traditional warm welcome and good service, our tables are open to all-comers, villagers and friends from afar.

Our core values of excellent cuisine, friendly service and pride in what we do, makes this family business, now in its second generation, what it is - an authentic experience; the real deal.

Our great grandmother’s secret recipe for roast chicken hails from the area of Camprodon in the province of Girona, picked up while working in a summer residence owned by a local family that had made its fortune in the Americas, the roast chicken redolent with the herbs of the region, savory (genus satureja) and oregano.

Our parents, Cisco and Fineta, along with our elder siblings, Quico and Magda, opened the establishment in 1962, selling free range chicken and eggs fresh from the family farm. In the early sixties, the arrival at our campsites of European tourists, prompted us to cater for their culinary needs and wishes. One year later, the first roast chickens were turning on our spit, devoured by our early customers on an improvised lawn in front of the house which later became the courtyard; home to the two tables topped with traditional Catalan country house tiles.

Whether you choose to eat in or take away – remember, all the dishes on our menu can be prepared ‘to go’ - at Granja Sant Francesc we promise you good food, good service and at great prices.

Primera Tarjeta Granja Sant Francesc

First card of Granja Sant Françesc

Primera Licencia de Apertura

Open license